Live Video Installation for the choir concert of the John Sheppard Ensemble Freiburg, premiered October 2019 in Rieselfeld and Eichstetten (Freiburg/Germany). Stage setting was worked out for 2 different churches, creating different layers and transparencies for projection mapping onto the altar. program: “to be sung on the water”– excerpt: Samuel Barber – Agnus Dei – conducted by: Bernhard Schmidt


  DO ENTER DO EXIT “Universal Data”, MACAM Biennale 2019, Lebanon With all the possibilities that access to Universal Data offers, Hartel has connected with musicians, artists, technicians and archivists of Beirut to cooperate in this project. The video-music performance focuses on exploring the ways in which people, nature, and objects interact with one another to form a complex whole that operates as a system. Drawing upon the notion of our permanent interconnectedness, her working process was entirely happening on site. Videomapping, performance, costume and music as well as the technical realization were developed during her 2 weeks artist residency in Lebanon. She live performed at the opening of the… Read More →


EMBRACE! Manuela Hartel – concept, performance, videomapping Gunter Pretzel – viola, composition Video music performance by Manuela Hartel for the ECHOLOT Festival für Neue Musik 2018. Performed on a natural stage between old trees in the park of Castle Kempfenhausen, Lake Starnberg. fotos by Maren Martell & Verena Haegler By filigree video mapping on trees, leaves and grasses, emerges from the darkness, a kind of Wunderkammer that connects the nocturnal appeal of nature and the creative power of man. Between the trees hangs a bright hammock with unknown content that seems to glow red. A red veil, which hangs from a branch in the background to the soil and also… Read More →


Permanent videoinstallation at Hotel Orania Berlin Projections of 5 Videoworks on 2 windows of the ground floor Hotel area and restaurant, rotating throughout the week. The projectors are permanently and invisibly installed into the windows reveal. The screen is a well selected, transparent roller blind material, making the projection visible from the inside as well as from the outside. The video imagery is merging with the outside street reality from the perspective of the hotel clients, while at the same time it gives the passers-by the possibility to see through the blinds, mixing the inside hotel atmosphere with Manuela Hartel’s fine pieces of video artworks. The Hotel opened in autumn… Read More →

2017 BELOVED! Athens

BELOVED! On the Concept of Inner Vision and Sound Video/sound installation and live performance by Manuela Hartel Manuela Hartel – stage, video, performance, voice Christina Calbari – drawings Stavros Gasparatos – music, live electronics Ifigenia Daoudaki – assistance costume & stage Chrysa Apostolaki – assistance Press: “Less a show than a live exhibit, an exhibit that could easily be the subject of a Tate Gallery in London, a New York MoMa or even our the Athens Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST). So charmingly made that you feel time stops.” theatrorama (Greece) “A fascinating optical wandering! “Beloved” approached delicately the emotional, psychological and spiritual dimension of human existence, shaping an autonomous world. This experimentation comprised… Read More →


Exhibition at Kunsthaus Zofingen, Switzerland, 4. November–17. December 2017 Manuela Hartel Susanne Lemberg   In the third exhibition of the BODENLOS series everything revolves around art and dance. The focus is on the topic of combat. This is not about the fight with a physical opponent, but the militant confrontation with the own SELF. Dance and movement create self-esteem and balance. In combative dance, this gained balance contributes to a more peaceful interaction between US. Dance, rhythm and struggle meet artistic realization. This reflects the work of the Munich-based video and media artist Manuela Hartel as well as the installation work of Susanne Lemberg. fotos by Timo Ullmann


No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper   The video-music-performance ‘No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper’ premiered in 2016 at the UNPAINTED ART FAIR in Munich. For the opening of Manuela Hartel’s exhibition at the Kunsthaus Zofingen, Switzerland, she unveiled her video installation with an adaption of this performance. The video image, projected onto satellite dishes and performers, condenses the setting into a multi-layered total work of art with organically produced, electronically processed sound that she interprets with her voice. Images and music seem to spring from the viewer’s inner perception and let Manuela Hartel (video, performance, voice) and Lorenz Schuster (electronics, sound) appear as “from another planet”, the… Read More →


ETA Hoffmann Theater Bamberg Michel Houellebecq Unterwerfung adapted by Remsi Al Khalisi director: Sibylle Broll-Pape stage & costume: Trixy Royeck video: Manuela Hartel with: Stephan Ullrich, Daniel Seniuk, Pina Kühr, Bertram Maxim Gärtner


Manuela Hartel (München/DE) performance, video installation, set, voice & lyrics Jaroslav Koran (Prag/CH) composition, percussion, beat & effect instruments During the German-Czech Cultural Spring 2017, Rites de passage was shown at the Jeseníky Altvater Festival for Art, Literature and Music IM ZENTRUM (http://imzentrum.eu). In the border area with Poland, the church of Zalesi / Waldek – destroyed in 1989 – was temporarily rebuilt in the midst of its ruin through the audiovisual installation. The architectural sculpture as a reproduction of the sanctuary of the St. Barbara Church was designed and built especially for Rites de passage by the artists group REZ (Michal Mihalčík, Jakub Kročil and Jonás Lacnák). The object with swing… Read More →


Fairy tales of the Orient and digital art in BRIOL idea and viola: Gunter Pretzel media art: Manuela Hartel sound art: Gunnar Geisse Many fairy tales of the Orient owe their origins to looking into the fire in the night caravanserai. It is a look in which reality and fiction merge seamlessly into one another. And it is precisely this transition, in which digital media technology finds its original place. In this way, the voice of the great narrator Elsa Sophia of Kamphoevener can be revived: the most advanced technique can restore the timeless fascination of the imaginary. ImLichtKlangFeuer_BRIOL from Manuela Hartel on Vimeo.