Skills: Exhibition, Video, Videoportrait

Worum geht’s? / What’s it all about?

Artwork of the month in November 2019

Curated by Katja Sebald. The Artwork of the Month creates a space for encounters at the interface between art and religion since January 2011 at Lake Starnberg / Germany.

Videoportraits: www.zwischenspiel-eckental.de

 posterprints © Manuela Hartel

The poster prints are extracted images of 30 videoportraits transparently layered on top of each other. Series of 6 prints. Edition of 20 pieces each.

“What’s it all about?” asks video artist Manuela Hartel in her video portraits, which she produced as an artist in residence in Evangelical Lutheran parishes near Nuremberg. The interviews that she conducted with church members over several weeks deal with their personal relationship with the faith and the church. Respondents each nominated other people who they contacted for the portrait series. A connecting network of very personal stories has emerged. Excerpts from the video portraits were exhibited in the churches. All portraits are accessible online at www.zwischenspiel-eckental.de.

Worum geht’s/What’s it all about –Vernissage in Eschenau near Nuremberg