Skills: Natural Stage Setting, Performance, Video Installation, Videomapping


“Universal Data”, MACAM Biennale 2019, Lebanon

With all the possibilities that access to Universal Data offers, Hartel has connected with musicians, artists, technicians and archivists of Beirut to cooperate in this project. The video-music performance focuses on exploring the ways in which people, nature, and objects interact with one another to form a complex whole that operates as a system. Drawing upon the notion of our permanent interconnectedness, her working process was entirely happening on site. Videomapping, performance, costume and music as well as the technical realization were developed during her 2 weeks artist residency in Lebanon. She live performed at the opening of the MACAM Biennale 2019, inspired by the architecture of the old lime factory next to MACAM in which her video installation was embedded. The documentation of the performance and installation is part of the “Universal Data” exhibition at MACAM in Aalita/Byblos.

music: Fadi Tabbal
turtle objects: Ghassan Zard
curator: Sara Schaub