Skills: Live Visuals, Video for Dance, Video Installation

theater production

Based on the fictional story of MIA and FINN, a young couple who gets to know each other online, “Privacy” tells of possible effects on life and privacy and examines our digital responsibility. Premiered: November 2016 in Munich

pics © Rainer Ludwig, Judith Buss
Director: Ana Zirner – Dramaturgy: Martina Missel – Choreography: David N. Russo – Production/Press: Claudia Illi – Stage: Susan Waeckerlin – Costume: Henriette Müller – Lyrics: Theresa Seraphin – Video: Manuela Hartel – Light: Rainer Ludwig – Sound: Jan Faszbender – Performer: Lotte Lindenborn, Matthias Renger, David N. Russo

Get fully into the production of a digital self – or get out entirely? The “Privacy” project by director Ana Zirner, dramaturge Martina Missel and choreographer David N. Russo has tried both: Zirner exposed her data ego on the net by publishing all her data on a website, Missel put it the opposite task of leaving as few traces of data as possible, for example by withdrawing from social networks. The experience of both perspectives has gone into a play that is now being premiered in Munich.

We can no longer imagine life without digitally networked devices and, to be honest, it is also undesirable. We entrust parts of our most intimate communication to them and outsource skills such as orientation, memory, commitment and self-assessment of health. At the same time, it is no secret that personal data is digitally collected, stored and processed. Through our everyday online behavior, we also feed those algorithms that make us predictable in the order of progress. The resulting standards serve as incentives for us to spur us on to optimize them. Do we think that’s good? Are we aware of this? And how is it going to be in the future?