2020 Hidden Chrystals – Blossoms Unfold

Skills: Exhibition, Performance, Video Installation, Videomapping

Hidden Crystals – Blossoms Unfold
gallery to live in – Villa Mussinan

Insights into real, visual and ideal spaces – artistically, musically, performatively

Anna Schölß – painting, installation
Manuela Hartel – media art, performance
Jakob Wagner – guitar
Elisabeth Carr – idea, overall conception

Exhibition duration: June 27 – July 5th
Villa Mussinan, Possenhofenerstr. 19, 82319 Starnberg

For the anniversary of KunstRäume am See, Elisabeth Carr opens the historic “Villa Mussinan” for her guests and supporters. With the artists Manuela Hartel, Anna Schölß and the guitarist Jakob Wagner you are invited to a “gallery to live in”, exactly where everything started.

For 15 years now, the fine arts in various designs and in the most varied of places have provided deep insights  into the previously unknown, which at the same time seems familiar and creates closeness. These diverse, enjoyable, cheerful and contemplative encounters and contacts with art and its artists want to be celebrated!

The magic that is hidden, the magic of deceleration can be found in room installations and watercolors by the painter Anna Schölß and in video installations and performance works by Manuela Hartel. Anna Schölß conducts visual research on crystalline forms that can be found in everyday objects. Using a new combination of tent poles or a drying rack, she creates ambivalent objects – installations of crystalline aesthetics with an ironic reference to the profane use that takes up the theme of “care work”. The artist shows fragments from her many years of visual research on crystal and its meta-level. Similar to the crystalline form, flowers grow steadily and in a space-consuming manner, they unfold, they float, they spring open.

Dynamics and the constantly renewing form serve the works of Manuela Hartel in this exhibition as an impulse for her performative video and space installations. Through precisely fitted projections, she creates small, multimedia “Gesamtkunstwerke” that the viewer encounters in a very personal way. As soon as darkness falls, the villa’s garden will also be used as a projection screen.

Jakob Wagner moves musically into the artistically designed rooms. Works by Mauro Giuliani, Johann Kaspar Mertz, Agustin Barrios unfold and combine with the works of art.

You are cordially invited to let your eyes wander to discover the mysteriously hidden and powerfully blossoming in the personal living spaces of the Carr family.