Skills: Stage Setting, Video for Theatre, Videomapping
Client: Theaterlust Produktion München

Die Visionärin
Play by Susanne Felicitas Wolf, directed by Thomas Luft
www.theaterlust.de – PREMIERED 2018 Munich

Bühne – Manuela Hartel, Olsen Röhl und Thomas Luft – Videoinstallation – Manuela Hartel – Gesang / Musikalische Leitung – Cornelia Melián – Musik – Manuela Rzytki – Choreographie – Tanya Rydell Montan – Kostüm – Sarah Silbermann, Alina Scheiler – Klangregie u. Tontechnik – Zoro Babel – Sounddesign – Simon Kummer – Lichtdesign – Olsen Röhl, Nico Stolte – Licht- u. Videooperator – Nico Stolte – Technische Leitung – Olsen Röhl

“The special challenge for The Visionary was to design a set that could be used as flexibly as possible. It should provide elements for the actors to work with as well as withstand the challenges of a tour. Above all, however, it should serve as a projection surface in order to support the video projections as diverse as possible, which play a key role during the performance. The setting consists of 9 meter high steles, which can be moved both individually and in combination. The frames are covered with translucent gauze so that the projections can fill the entire room visually. By staggering the stelae and transparency of the material, overlays and perspectives are created that expand the stage in three dimensions. The resulting illusionistic space corresponded to the requirements of the mystical theme: the visions of Hildegard von Bingen ”- Manuela Hartel, video artist.